Location: Ormeau (Bush corridor between Norfolk and Ormeau), Queensland

Event: Aggressive Yowie Encounter

Date: 1998

Terrain: Heavy Bush with surrounding swamp.

A Teenage boy interviewed by AYR told and encounter he and four friends had, while building a bush hut in the middle of the bush.

They were chased out by something he described as big, fast and heavy crashing through the forest towards them.

They said it sounded like nothing they have heard before, and it didn't stop until they reached a nearby field, just in the nick of time.

 He said they didn't have time to get a good look at their pursuer, as they were very scared and felt they were running for their lives.

They left their bags behind. Sounds of destruction could be heard from the field in which they stood starring back towards the bush.

When they returned the next morning, they found their Hut torn apart, D size batteries bitten in half and their gear spread all over the bush.

At night the local residence can hear strange vocalisations coming from the bush.

We also found the destroyed hut, along with chicken eggs in the bush that had a finger sized hole in the sides, and the contents sucked out.

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