Location: Ormeau, Queensland


Event: Yowie Roadside Sighting


Date: Dec, 1998






A Women driving to work along the Pacific Highway in the early morning peak hour, noticed the traffic was slowing down ahead of her. The road was also congested due to the Pacific Hwy upgrade.


As she crept along the road, she saw what appeared to her as a vagrant trundling along the side of the Highway.


As she approached a little closer, a terrible smell came through the car that resembled rotting eggs. The “person” looked very dirty, like he was covered in mud and looked quite distressed.


She eventually caught up with him and to her shock, it was not a man at all. It was 7’ tall and exept for the face it was covered in dirty brown hair.


It seemed to be hunched over as it jogged or 'trundling' (as she described it), along side the motorists. From her report, it seemed to be extremely emaciated.


She drove onto work, and had a very confusing and stressful day.


Other notes: Report aired on Channel 10 News. Witness was contacted.










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