Location: Ormeau

Event: Yowie Aggression 

Date: June 97'

Terrain: Thick bush between two housing estates, streams and swamp connecting the Pacific Hwy, to the Mountains.

I was standing in a field talking on my phone at 11pm in mid July 97' when I heard what appeared to be 3 people crashing through the bush behind me. I had no reason to think much about it at the time, until I became aware that the crashing turned into a quiet and slow stalking process.

I listened as what I thought were 3 people turned into perhaps one, slowly parting leaves and slowly returning them as to make as little noise as possible. The feet were being very carefully placed and it would stop for 10 seconds each time it broke a twig. I still at this stage thought it was a person sneaking up on me and having done quite a bit of Boxing in my time, I felt no reason to fear this . The plan was to allow him to get as close as possible then find out what the story was.

As this thing came to the tree line and about 25 metres from me, I suddenly had one of these terrible chills that you so often hear about, the chills ran from my head to my toes. My bulletproof ego was over taken with a deep fear. I slowly turned around to see a large shadowy creature squat down behind a bush. It would have been about 7' tall.

I looked towards the road and a street light and quickly planned my escape. I counted to three and began to run for it. Upon my very first step this thing flew into action, and was racing to cut me off before the road. It began with a huge roar and was screaming, snorting and grunting during the entire chase. For the first few seconds I didn't know what was going on, my heart was racing and it was like a nightmare.

It tore along the edge of the tree line at an incredible speed tearing down everything in its path, jumping over logs and small gully’s and grunting upon every pounding step.

I was running in a direct line to the road, and it was keeping to the tree line which made its distance twice as long as mine. I could see it catching up with me within seconds, screaming and roaring. All the dogs in the neighbourhood were barking wildly. I thought I was history when it raced ahead of me to cut me off, I knew that there was absolutely nothing I could do but change direction further away from the bush and towards the street light.

As I did this, it sprung from the bushes and I thought I was about to be torn apart when it stopped, just as I reached the light. I turned around to see it retreat to the bush and slowly squat behind a tree.

The power and aggression was horrific, the noise is something that you just never forget. I knew that if it wanted me it would have had me, I don't think even it knew what he wanted to do in the end. But I do know that if it got hold of me, I doubt I would have even got a scream out before it killed me, it would have been an extremely quick death for sure.

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