Location: Ormeau Hills, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2015

Time: 10.20pm




We’ve lived here for going onto 9 years now, and nothing like this has happened before. I was taking my Border Collie dog for a walk up the street last night. There is a new housing estate and he often goes for a run through the bush and is always excited as he runs around.



We were about 100m into the bush when he suddenly just stopped. He went into a crouching position, as if he was to herd sheep. He used to be a working dog.



There was a very strong smell. Like either bat faeces or a chemical type of smell. It was a very dense smell and it was everywhere. Then suddenly he just took off like a shot and he was barking and growling. I was calling for him to come back and he doesn’t normally leave my side. He is very well trained.


Then I could hear heavy footsteps. Very large heavy footsteps. If these footsteps belonged to a Human, he would have had to be at least 150kg in weight. They were running away from me and it was an even stride. I couldn’t get a great view of it, but I could see it moving through the trees. It was tall. It was of medium build. I could see the movement of the legs. It didn’t look like Human legs. It had more elongated thighs and elongated calves. The way it ran didn’t look like normal Human mechanics and the legs were too long. It was very large. Perhaps 7ft. The gait was long and it ran flat footed.


I had to go. I saw it for about 30 seconds and that was enough. I knew it wasn’t right. I had to leave. I don’t scare easily, but I had to go.


Then later that night myself and my daughter were watching TV and suddenly we heard this really loud screaming bellowing noise. She looked out the front, while I looked out the back. We couldn’t hear anything more. I was really loud and I can’t even describe what it sounded like. It was a really loud bellowing noise. I asked my neighbour if she had heard it, and she heard it as well. All I couldn’t think of is that it had to be that thing I saw.






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