Location: Ormeau, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting (?)

Date: 1999



Hi Dean,


One night my dog's were barking like all hell, and Dad told me to see what it was.


We live on 2 acres near Ormeau next to a farmer's field. It was around 8:00 at night. I went out and walked half way up the yard and told my dogs to shut up, and they didn't and they usually do!

Well to my amazement I saw a figure up towards the woods on a hill about 100 - 200 yards away. I couldn't figure out what it was cause it was night but it looked big and it was shimmery.


I looked at the head part of it and I felt weird, as if it was starring back. I felt distressed and went back inside and told Dad it was nothing.

The 2 dogs kept barking for a couple of minutes then stopped when I went inside.


I saw you guys on Today Tonight and saw the E-mail address and thought I'd tell you.








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