Location: Torbanlea, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Spring, 1995

Time: 6pm - Dusk





This has stuck in my mind for a long time.


There’s a road that runs parallel with the main highway between Torbanlea and Howard. I was coming back past the Torbanlea State School towards Burrum Heads Road. I normally take it pretty slow through there, I was probably doing less than 60kmhr at the time and I saw something out of the corner of my eye.


I immediately backed off the accelerator and a Dingo came out in front of my lights. It ears were pinned back and it was running full pelt. It knew I was there because it gave a glance as it ran at 45 degrees across the road. I had my window down and I heard what sounded like a howl yelp noise like something was being run over, and there was this smaller one, not exactly a small pup but probably more like half grown, it was screaming and it was moving too.


By this stage I was coming to a rolling stop to see what was going on with these two dogs, as they are supposed to be Apex Predators of the bush.


Then out of the right corner of my eye was this thing. Here’s this thing, it was massive, it was huge. It seemed to not be on all fours, but hunched over like it was using its front arms to help it run. As it came up behind the pup, is grabbed it by the neck, swung it into the air, stood up and just kept running. I was looking at all this from side on.


I had heard rumours about American Sailors letting Black Cats do during the War, but this thing stood up on two legs and it was no Black Cat. And when I say this thing ran, I mean this thing really moved.


This little pup was just dangling from its hand by its side. It was dead. This thing must have snapped its neck when he grabbed it with its right hand. He slanged it up in the air and spun it. This was all in one fluent motion as it ran. He picked it up by the scruff of the neck and I would say that impact broke its neck instantly. It wasn’t moving, and it wasn’t yelping anymore.


Within seconds it ran off into the bush and blended in with the trees on the railway side of the road. It all happened within seconds. The Dingoes were running at pace because they were trying to get away from this thing.


If I hadn’t stopped at the shops on my way, I would have missed the whole thing. It was just lucky that I did stop on my way home.


When it was crouched over and low to the ground, its back was nearly eye level and I was in a small 4WD. It was massive. And when it swiped at this dog, I thought ‘How much reach does this thing have!’ to pick up that dog at such distance, and the power, how this dog just span in the air. It was a lot of power. The dog was probably dead upon the impact. It would have broken its back or neck from the whiplash alone. He knew exactly what he was doing, The dog didn’t hit the ground, it was picked up mid-flight. The he straightened his back up and whoosh. The stride on this thing was amazing. You know how sprinters have huge strides, well this thing was like that. Then within seconds it blended into the trees on the side of the road.


It was a dark chocolate brown to black colour.


The pup was about 5 or 6 metres behind the first one and she wasn’t waiting for him! She just kept on going.


When this thing stood up, it just kept the stride. I would say it was at least 7 and a half foot tall, that’s at the least. It was a big thing.


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