Location: Clear Mountain, Queensland

Event: Footprints

Date: April 3, 2011

Time: 10am



Hi Dean,

Last Saturday (30 April 2011) we stayed a night at a lodge up on Clear Mountain, Queensland.

We were at the back, backing right onto dense undergrowth. We were up out on the balcony late at night for a number of hours checking out the stars and sky, and also on and off periodically throughout the night.

Each time we were out there we would hear movement in the undergrowth, nothing significant, just twigs snapping, and something that sounded like pushing through vegetation.

It would get our attention, but would stop for ages and it was too dark to see anything. We'd heard similar things when staying up at Springbrook in the past.
The next morning after breakfast we walked around the blind (eastern) side of the lodge, and noticed very large dried muddy footprints on the decked area. They came up and along to about where they would have come into view of the main areas, stopped, then did a u-turn and headed back.

We back traced where the prints had come from, and they had come out of the undergrowth, around the side of the property and up the edge of the car park to where we saw them on the decking.
They were a good 2 inches longer than my shoe, which makes them over 13.5 inches (35cm).

They didn’t seem shaped like a humans and some you could see one or two large toe marks. The mud was thick, and it was mid-morning and had dried to a light brown colour. It hadn't rained in the 20hrs we had been there, but there were garden sprinklers around. We didn't have our camera on us, so didn't get any photos.


Mark & Claire




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