Location: Conondale, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: February, 2018

Time: 5pm




We were coming back from hunting feral dogs, and had popped down into a creek. Ahead on the hill it looked like a whole heap of lantana over a branch, but as we got closer to it, it turned and faced us. It was about 20 meters away, if that. My friend started backing away.


It wasn’t so much aggressive, it looked more concerned. We watched it for about a minute, and it started to back away from us. I handed the rifle to my friend, and he backed up behind a tree out of sight and I’ve just stood there. It then actually started coming towards us. Not in an aggressive manner, it was more of a serious sort of manner. It probably came within about 5 meters. It was at the point where you could almost feel its breath.


It was the same as what we saw the other time but a bit smaller (Bellthorpe - 2016). Probably about 7-1/2 to 8ft and he was a little bit darker, almost a black colour. The eyes were mostly black with a little ring of brown in them. Like a Human pupil, with the brown ring around it, and instead of white around the pupil, it was all black.


It was like if you have a Silverback Gorilla standing up and around 8ft tall with long hair, which was really what I was looking at. Same sort of features. The skin could have been a dark brown, but it looked black. The nose was very pushed in, with the nostrils pointing down. It was like a Human nose but pushed in, and more raised. The nostrils faced forward but on an angle down. The hair was up to about an inch above the eyes, and around the face which was shorter. For the size of the head, the ears almost looked too small for it. It was like an adult with toddlers ears. They weren’t in proportion for the size of the animal. The hair on the head was a little bit shorter, but still a good length. The chest and torso was totally hair covered.


The tops of the hands were hair covered, but you could still see the hands through it. The hands and the feet were like a Gorillas. They were very ape-like. The feet weren’t exactly like an ape or Chimpanzee, as in he could'nt grip stuff with it, I don’t quite know how to explain it. The toes were longer, but not at the length where they could grip anything.


The breath was like dog’s breath, like dead meat or something like that. It was a very strong potent kind of breath.


It was just looking at me. When it was walking up, I didn’t know whether to back away or what. I just thought if something was going to happen, there was no avoiding it. We just stood there and watched it while it was coming over to us. I’ve read about how fast they are and even if we were 20 meters up on the embankment, there was no way we were getting away from it. After it came over to us, it went back to the same bush it was at in the first place. It just kind of backed away and disappeared into the thicket.


I was probably standing directly in front of him for about 2 – 3 minutes. My friend was behind the tree with his 270 riffle, but I made it quite clear not to take the shot unless it was the only remaining option.


It seemed like it was trying to communicate.


Its hands were 4 to 5 times the size of mine. I was mainly looking at his body language and his eyes to see if there was any change or warning signs. The hair on the body was a good 4 – 5 inches. It was long, but not shaggy.





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