Location: McPherson Ranges, Queensland

Event: Car gets Rocked

Date: 1995

Time: 5am




Hi Dean,


Private property in the  McPherson Ranges, 15 Klms from Rathdoweny
same time of year but a year earlier, it was around 5am on Sunday morning, cold and pitch black we where star gazing on the property, went to sleep around 3.30am, slept in my car which was a blue bird.

Others slept in the house on the property as it was colt but I slept in my

I am a heavy sleeper but awoke around 5am as my car was being shaken violently
from side to side, It was like being inside a washing machine. I was very groggy couldn't see any thing other than hearing the growls and being shaken so badly I couldn't even unlock the car to get out

Next thing I heard some yelling, friends of mine yelling and hitting my car with our powerful torches. This got whatever it was to stop then my friends arrived at the car to see if I was alright.

Shaken I was taken inside the house where the owner, a bloke I knew called Carl says he has never seen the Yowie himself but often had his vegetable gardens ripped up and he spent a lot of time chasing off whatever it was over the preceding year.

I dismissed it as a Yowie and convinced myself it was my friends playing a prank, however they swore black and blue it wasn't.

Can you imagine how much power you would need to rock a car like that with a guy of my size in it?

You would need 3 guys I am sure. I do suffer from sleep apnea and snore, loudly, could that have attracted it if it was a Yowie? Who knows.


Hope this helps







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