Location: Deepwater, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: August, 2019

Time: 6.30am

Male Witness. Ex Biologist.

[South side of Deepwater National Park]





I’m on 60 acres at Deepwater and living off the grid in a small cabin. I’ve lived here for 12 years and this has been ongoing for ages. It’s only recently that I’ve two and two together. Broken branches, logs moved across the tack and stick structures all around the perimeter, plus branches pulled down blocking the path. There’s no excuse for it. Dead trees have been picked up and places against other trees like a Tee-Pee type of thing. You can see where the base of the trees have been dragged.


Then a few days ago my dog started doing like an intruder alert type barking, amongst other noises. I looked outside (the trees are all sparse), and here’s this group of these black figures moving through the bush about 60 metres away. First of all I thought it was a group of people. There was about 8 to 10 of them. I thought who are these people and what are they doing here. Then I realised they are way too big and moving too fast. They were at least 8ft tall, far too big for a human being. They were large and upright, running. They were moving quickly through the bush. They were large and dark, about 8ft tall moving at a fast pace.  


It was light at the time. The light was coming through the trees.


There’s nobody else around here. The black figures weren’t making any noises, they were silent. Prior to that there was a lot of noise coming from the top corner of my property and I could hear other dogs going off. They were moving north to south. I first thought they were people and I thought why are all the people on my property?


I was talking to a neighbour down the street and he said he knows a lady close by that is currently trying to get a photo of one on her property. She has them visiting the place and has seen them and is now investing in cameras to place around her property.


I can’t explain the creatures, I can’t explain the breaks or what’s moving the logs around and then there’s the noises that come out of the bush. There’s also the noises of trees being broken over with a loud CRACK at night and a strange whistling noise. And one night something banged on the side of the cabin and scared the crap out of me. It’s all a bit concerning.



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