Location: Ormeau / Kingsholme, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: May, 2017

Time: 3.45am




It was 2017 around May.

I was heading to work. I start work very early in the morning, about 4.30am

I lived at Kingsholme, which is Upper Ormeau Road, which basically Ormeau, but they call it Kingsholme, right near the quarry.


I left home. I was driving towards to work. It's a pretty rural area. It’s pretty abandoned, and not many cars around. As I've driven off along the road, I’ve driven up a hill and as I've come around a corner I noticed something crossing the road.


I was only doing about 30 or 40kmph, and I backed off, switching my high beams on, and there was this huge thing crossing the road, it was huge. I've come up on it to a rolling stop, and probably would've been only two car lengths away.


When I turned my high beams on, it lifted its hand up towards me and sort of turned towards me. It was like a massive, massive person, but it was carrying a full-size dead boar and there was blood dripping on the road.


It looked at me with its hand up, covering its eyes from the headlights shining in its face.


I could see the pig's head on its shoulder; and the pig was slung over its shoulder and was draped down its back, like a backpack. This was a full size boar, not little... I know for a fact that there's no way I could have even picked this boar up.


I was stopped by this stage, and it still had its hand up looking at the headlights. I switched the high beams off, and it just walked across the road. It walked quickly and went straight down the side of the embankment.

I turned my headlights back on, put on the handbrake and jumped out of the car. I thought to myself, that's ‘BS’. I've never thought about Yowies before, you know, I've heard the name Yowie, but I've never, never considered them.


When I got out of the car, I had a bit of a look around and I could hear something walking off into the bush and it sounded like a full size bull walking. You could hear the cracking and smashing through the bush, like it just didn't give a sh*t. That was the first time I actually saw something that really blew me away.


I had a Hilux at the time. It was a 2013 Hilux, which was a SR 4WD, and it towered over that thing. It had to have been close to the three metres tall mark (nearly 10ft).


When it turned towards me, and I got a good, good hard look at it for a second. It was three quarters of the width of my car. And like I said, it had a full-sized bore over its left shoulder, which it was holding with its left hand. It just had the two hoofs in its hand sort of thing and was just carrying it like it was a shopping bag from Coles.


I'm imagining the immense strength involved in Hefting a full-sized bore and swinging it over your shoulder and walking off with it.


After that happened, I jumped back in my car and drove down the road a little bit, and got to the next side street, which is called Cliff, Barrons Road. I actually stopped and just went, what the fk did I just see? Like, that's ‘BS’.


I ended up going home and taking the day off work because I was just….. I didn't know what to do or think or anything like that. And then, yeah, it just, I don't know. I was dumbfounded, like, so yeah.


It was a darkish brown and black in color, I'd almost say black, but it had a real dark long hair. Probably three, four centimeters long hair all over it. Its face wasn't human. It sort of looked like a human with a beard, but it had a really wide flat nose.

The eyes were bigger than a human. It looked more like a gorilla, but not quite.


That’s the only way I could describe it or compare it to.


The only other thing I can compare it to is like the pictures I’ve seen of Neanderthals.


This thing was built. When it put its hand up (and I've got massive hands for a person), its hand was twice the size of mine. Its biceps were about twice the size of my leg. This thing was built. I'd say it must have weighed 300 kilos (660lbs)


It was big.


Not a lot scares me. I've grown up on acreage. I bought that property out there and after that happened, it actually made me rethink a lot of the stuff that had happened over the years. And yeah, I'd had a few experiences out in the bush where I've heard something.


I was walking home from work one night and some, I took a shortcut through the bush, and something basically followed me home and I didn't know what it was.


It wasn't until the other day when I just started flicking through stuff on Netflix and stuff like that, and I saw a Doco called “Tracking the Law”, about the Yowie, that I pieced it together.


I just honestly didn't think there was anything like this in Australia, but I've seen it with my own eyes, and now I get it. As much as I tried to convince myself it never happened, or it was a big homeless person or something like that, this was not human. It was too big.


When it happened (crossing the road), I had to slow down as not go onto the wrong side of the road because it's like a blind corner on a hill and you don’t know what's coming the other way.


I was only doing 30 or 40kmph an hour, pulled up quite easily and just went, holy sh*t.


Here I am literally a car length or two away and face to face with this thing. It was just looking at me like it was stunned by my headlights.


It had massive, like hazel colored eyes, I mean, twice the size of a human. They were beady, massive eyes.


The skin was darkish. It put its hand up trying to cover the glare from the lights going into its eyes. The hands were just weird. Like, it had a person's hands sort of thing. But rough hands - I'm a tradie and I work hard, but my hands looked soft compared to this thing. And it had a pinkish patch on its palm. The hands were really leathery, as I said, and the only thing I could compare them to is a gorilla


It looked kind of stunned and pissed off at the same time.


When I flicked my high beams on it, it threw it’s hand up because the light was right in its face.


It looked at me, realised that I was stopped and then just turned its head and walked off. But the look it gave me on its face …..


I saw the white of its teeth, and I just remember looking straight into its eyes and just going, whoa, sh*t.


It then looked in the direction it was going and it walked off, but within two steps, like it's only a single lane road there. You've got the side of the road that's probably about a metre, and then it goes down an embankment, which is steep. It only took two steps and it was over the side of the end gone.


The second it did that, I opened the door and got out of the car and started walking towards where it was and I could hear it.


It wasn’t running and wasn't scared of me whatsoever.


I wouldn't say the face had a beard, but it was hairy. Its nose had a sparse bit of hair, but not a lot. The nose wasn't human, it was more like a gorilla nose, like really wide, big nostrils.


The nostrils are hard to describe, they look almost like eyes, if you know what I mean? They were on the front of the nose. When you look at a person, you can't really see their nostrils unless you sort of look up their nose. But I could see its nostril holes on him.


It had its mouth kind of open, like it was going to yell at me or something like that. But it didn't. It just looked at me and it had this look on its face. Like, the lights were in its eyes, then it put its hands up, spotted that I was stopped and just walked off.


There was a trail of blood over the road, like drips of blood along the road, and as it walked off and went down the embankment, I could actually see blood dripping down its back.


I was just thought, holy sh*t. Like, how do you kill a pig for one and then carry it? My dad used to take us pig shooting with his mate, and these things are unstoppable. And this one was a full size boar….


The whole encounter probably would've been maybe five to eight seconds. But it felt like 10 minutes.


I didn't see the feet. I didn't look. I was too busy looking at the top half of it and the fact it was carrying a pig. The fact that it had a full-sized bore on its shoulder - just blew me away.


I reckon it would've been male because it's chest was just like, for no other words, it was freaking huge. It was like an Olympic bodybuilder sort of thing, but covered in hair.


I could almost feel the weight of that boar. I wouldn't say it was totally hunched over, but it was leaning forward as it was carrying this thing. It was like it was carrying a backpack, and this full-sized boar only went three quarters of the way down his back.


It had a weird shaped head. At the top of its head was, I wouldn't say pointy, but it wasn't round like a person. It had a ridge along the top of its head, but not huge, like maybe an inch or two high, and it had like this massive monobrow.


Its eyes were sunken back into its head, way more than a person, and as I’ve said, it very much looked like a silverback gorilla, but twice the size.



It freaked the living sh*t out of me. I can't describe how scared I was afterwards. I've never been so scared.


I can honestly say there hasn't been a span of more than two or three days when I haven't thought about this thing since then (Current year being 2023).


Anyone I've tried to tell has just laughed at me like I'm an idiot.


I’ve walked the full length of up Upper Ormeau Road. At the corner of Barron Joey Road, there's a park. I turned into the bush there and cut across the mountain to come over the back of my place one night, and something followed me, something was in the bush.


That shook me up a little bit, but I don't know what it was. I just figured there was a horse or a cow or something like that in the background following me. Every time I stopped, it stopped.  This was two or three years before the road crossing happened. It would've been early to mid 2014.


I haven't been out in the bush by myself since


I look around at everything now, like I hear a noise and I look, so it's changed my attitude towards the Australian bush now.


I told my at the time, and she just looked at me and went, ‘yeah’. The look on her face was just like I was making a story up and she just didn't want to go into it.


It was probably about a month before I moved out and we split up.



I'm surprised that more people haven't seen them. But at the same time, when you see something like that and you try and tell people, they just look at you like you're an idiot.


People just ridicule you. I don't drink, I don't do drugs. It's just something I can't explain, and it's something that I've just kept to myself.


I'm now living with a new partner, and the other day, I said something about it to her and she's like, “Uh, you sure? Like, surely someone else would've seen something, you know”, and I'm like, “well, I did……”


I still have dreams and wake up like, it just happened.






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