Location: Oak Beach, Queensland

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: Winter, 2010

Time: Night

[Female Witness]


[Similar story to the Bongil Bongil, New South Wales Report of 2008, although that had more paranormal elements to it]




When I tell this to my Indigenous students and they believe me, but when I tell it to my non Indigenous students, they think I’m silly.


I was driving from Port Douglas south to Smithfield (Northern Cairns). I had passed Oak Beach and that’s where the Yowie chased me to the Rex Range Lookout, which is 8kms in total. This is an aboriginal area.


When I was driving past Oak Beach, I noticed this hairy man running beside my car. I was freaking out. I was driving and kept looking over and he was looking at me, and I was trying to keep my eyes on the road, and then I kept looking and he was still there. When I reached the lookout area which is a sacred Indigenous site above that, and that’s when he left me.


I was driving a Hyundai Getz and was doing about 80kmph. I could just feel it, and then I looked over and there he was. He was on the right side of the road and he was running on the road. He ran there for 8kms, or about 15 minutes. My heart was going about a million miles an hour.


It was really tall, quite hairy and really big eyes. He ran like a human with really long limbs. It was tall. It had to bend over to look at me. It was so surreal. I never believed in such things, and when it happened, I was like Oh my God, these things are real. You see these things in the paper and you think, yeah whatever…


It’s normally a quite road at night. It was right outside my window and he was sort of hunched over looking in. I kept driving thinking Oh my God and every time I looked over, he was looking at me. Then when I got to the Rex Lookout, he had gone.


He had a really hairy face. It had shaggy hair. It was lean. Similar to the rock art. It was a bit of human and a bit animal. I just got a weird vibe and it appeared.


I’ve told a few people and they’ve just laughed at me. But when I tell my Indigenous students, they believe me. I’ve heard so many stories of this happening, especially along that road. Talking to the Indigenous people, they say that they always target people when they are by themselves, never in groups or pairs. They also say it could be a bad spirit.









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