Location: Myhree, Victoria (plus other areas)

Event: Various Yowie Sightings/Encounters

Date: 1990's


When I was married we went on boys family hunt. Being an Italian family (them not me ), it included 8 cousins, a brother in law, and about 18 hounds every Italian hunter has at 2 hounds in the 90's.

We stayed in an old soldiers hut at Myhree Vic near Moyhu... backing onto the bush.

After a good day of bunnie blasting and a quick deer stalk, we had all retired for a little session of cards and drinks. About 11pm the hounds went berserk. Two younger dogs ran inside, while we all ran outside. In the scrub we could hear, thrashing and a high pitched screaming sound coming from the tree line.

With a spotty we couldn't make out anything......

9 of the dogs took off, you could hear this thing crashing through the bush like a bush turkey (and they're loud).

In the next valley we heard a dog bark, then a shrill roaring noise. Weird as hell never heard anything like it. Then dogs going ballistic, crying baying, yelping and in the end they too were screaming.

By this time the younger cousins had sh*it themselves and were in sleeping bags shivering. WE mounted the ute, with every firearm we had, 12g's, .222's and 1 .308. We were going to nail whatever it was. Got to the next valley....... Was eerily quiet....... I was now s*hitting.....

We only ever found 4 dogs that night and all 4 had been torn to shreds.......I mean totally F***ed up. Ribs smashed, gouged, one had a cut the full length of it back and about 3" wide to the spine.

One dog a beagle had its neck broken clean, and was facing backwards.... No wild dog or samba stag will do that.

The main dominant dog made it back to the hut the next morning....... We put him down by 8am as he'd made it back with most of his insides on the outside and was bleeding heavily from the inner ears.......

We left by 9am, none of us ever went back to that farm again........ to this day i will not go there...... Oh and none of us ever spoke of that night either. More worried about having the puss taken out of us by our Fathers......


A friend of a friend of mine, said once that he was up on a samba stalk ( this bloke knows how to hunt many samba taken) and this particular time was by himself and upon seeing some movement in dense scrub. he raised his rifle as he watched through the scope about 300 yards away what seemed like a human dressed in a woollie drench coat.

Once he seen this he looked above his scope to see the same shape and when he looked back through the scope this "thing" turned and looked straight at him.. and started heading straight for him in a quick motion on what seemed like on its hind legs. he also mentioned this thing was approx 7ft tall and quite heavily built. at this point as he ran (something you shouldn't do with a loaded gun by the way lol), but he ran and found a tree hollow sat in there for 20 odd minutes only to hear crashing and bear like grunting going away from him.

He looked at his GPS and found the ute was only 100 odd yards away so he placed his gun in the hollow and marked it on the GPS and made a dash for it. drove back to town grabbed his Father and 2 Brothers went back up to get his gun.. as he was so frightened he didn't want to go back by himself.

I know this bloke and it kinda put the wind up me as I know he's not the sorta bloke to make a story like this up.... but you never really know eh??

THIRD STORY----------

Just before we were due to have to hand our guns back in 1997, myself and two mates decided to go hunting with our soon to be banned guns for one last time. We didn't normally use them, we kept them only for rifle competition in IPSC. They were two M14's and one SLR, all scoped with low power variables.

We'd been hunting for a few days, and were actually spotlighting rabbits in the paddock called the "Lease", in a mates property down the road. This is a scrubby paddock that backs onto this huge mountain range, full of big rangy pigs that we've seen actually gang up on pig dogs and smash them, frightening stuff. It's a lease because it has an aboriginal well and ceremonial ring in there, and in the '20's when the place was opened up to returned soldiers as settlement blocks, there was a lot of trouble between the blacks and the new settlers.

The rifles were not suited to rabbits, I know, but were as accurate as most bolt guns, particularly the M14's. And when your government is going to squash them, why not a last fling?

We'd stopped outside this paddock in the open country, shut the gate, and were sitting in the back of the HZ smoking (did that once), looking at the stars and talking ####. It was about 1am.

Then, this thing started screaming up on the hill above us. It was over 10 years ago now, but I remember we described it like sounding ether like someone being murdered, or someone impersonating it. This animal went round above us on the hill, shaking those damn regrowth (shiny bushes we call them) and generally harassing us. It was always in the shadows of our spotty, which was a small powa-beam that had seen better days, but we could see it's movement.

It scared the #### out of us, it knew were there and seemed intent on scaring us.

We were popular that weekend because all the young blokes knew about the rifles, and we were well known also, so I can't believe anyone would have done that to us deliberately in the dark. Lucky we don't shoot at shadows and sounds, for it that is.

Later that night when sitting around the campfire, I was facing this ridge, and looked up to see silhouetted against the stars a human figure, either walking over the brow away or towards us. I was that hypo by then, and my two mates were so worked up also, that we were up all night looking for what ever it was that was trying us on.

These two guys gave this paddock a big miss ever after. I am still trying to work out what's going on in there, and have seen some strange sign. My misses has been out there with me and experienced it, and we all joke about it at district get-togethers.

The place has since been bought by another family that have a couple of places in the district, and have become lifelong friends, and the stories they told me about what they had happen to them up there when making tracks, maintaining the track to the aboriginal site, and repairing fencing are scary.

Across the river into NSW, the young blokes who get about dogging at night for extra cash say the same thing, something that surprised me. That the mountains above their place have valleys in them that their dogs just will not go. There was a story told by a worker a few kms away who was checking a pump on a dam high in the hills near the previously mentioned place who left the district because of what he saw at that dam in the middle of the day. He got into a blue with some fellas in town who laughed at his story, and he cleaned them up.

An old retired couple who come out shooting for a few weeks at a time told me that they got a flat up in there coming down from a spotlighting session, and this thing was circling them as he changed it with his missus in the dark. He said it was the scariest moment of his life. It was well back in the scrub so the spotlight made too many shadows in the thick bush. It was when the owners wife told them about their experiences and ours, that he told me himself.

Funny thing is, anyone who knows the story who has spent a lot of time working in the bush in this district has something to add to this story, all the out of towners are happy to ridicule something they know nothing about. Could it be a big old smart boar, we don't know.

Funny thing is, alone by the side of the track gutting roos and pigs at 2am, sometimes your hair stands on end and you just have to move along to somewhere else to do your work, because you just get that feeling you're being watched. You think it's all in your mind until something is circling you deep in the scrub, and you can hear but not see it.


This is not as good as Fangster's. I don't think anything will beat that.

A carpenter, I have employed for about 15 years and he has always told the truth, told me this story.

He was installing one of those relocatable mobile home up at Clermont, QLD. Him and another chippy, they were staying and sharing a house with some jackeroos on this cattle station, while doing this mobile home. The first night, they were sitting around the campfire at about 8.30 pm and the jackeroos said, "Well we better get in now, it going to come soon". The boys said, "What do you mean?"

The jackeroos went into the shack, one went under the table, the other is beckoning to the boys, "Come on in, come on in, it will be coming". These boys are as tough as nails, calling the jackeroos, girls and pussys, having a good old laugh at them.

Meanwhile, the jackeroo, under the table is screaming at them now to come in before it is too late. They just laughed at him.

Then they saw a bright light, like a motorbike light coming towards them and they waited but it didn't come any closer, or make a sound. The jackeroos, are in the background now screaming, "It's here, it's here, come in, come in!"

Well the chippies are big and brave and tell the jackeroos, "Watch us City boys, show you a thing or two." Well they ran at this floating light, but no matter what they did, it always stayed the same distance, about 100m. But not at ground level, but all over the place, sometimes directly above them, but always at 100m.

Well the chippy, I know says, "I'II fix it" and got a shotty and fired at the floating light. Well this floating light just goes berserk, flying through the sky, banging 3, or 4 times into old gum trees and when this happened sparks flew everywhere. There was an old dumped car near the shack and it bashed on that about 3, or 4 times with sparks as well.
Then it took off into the paddock and the jackeroos said, "It's going to get something to eat now".

After all the commotion, it went into the paddock, stayed for a while, they could hear cows moaning in pain, but were scared to go and check. They were too busy hiding under the table, with the jackeroos. LOL.

In the morning, they check the trees and car where it had been bashing them. The marks left on them were black/burn marks, 6" - 8" diameter and all dented in, like it had been hit by a sledgehammer.

They found 3 dead cows in the paddock, all cut up, no blood, top lips all cut out and missing and other parts cut out, but no blood.

My chippy tells this story, only to people he trusts.
The other chippy, turns every colour of the rainbow and won't talk about it.


FIFTH STORY-----------

This bloke went up to check a pump on a dam in a saddle in the hills above the river flats (it's a great view) and felt something looking at him. He looked up and saw a small hairy two legged thing crouching under a cypress pine, silently looking at him. Apparently he told the old property owner (who doesn't say much when he's most talkative just quietly) that all he could see in his mind was it's busted arse face and grin with gapped busted looking teeth, and it's big eyes staring right into his.

We were taken up there last Easter by the owners son. He drove us up to the boundary to a gate up in the hills where the scrub is taking over, and waved his arms around with directions to go up a track and find the dam. He would not go in there!

He thought the story was all crap, but after one night pigging he saw something large run into the pines up there, and his dogs ran after it as if it was a pig even though he thought, that wasn't a pig, too upright.

Then the dogs came out helping with their arses down, and just were not going to work that night anymore. He says on subsequent nights, they just wouldn't get off the ute. His brother and another bloke were chasing pigs up the next gully later, and saw something run into the scrub, and they won't go up there now. They won't say either, we had a district BBQ for the area property owners and we were talking over the subject as you do over some bourbons and local wine, and someone called this bloke over and asked him about it. He just walked away and went home. Before that he was the life of the party. What he saw I don't know but it upset him.

As generally heard with things that are strange until you see them yourself, most people don't talk about it to others they aren't familiar with, because you're just setting yourself up to be ridiculed by those with small minds. I'm just saying what I've experienced and heard, I'm not suggesting myself what I think it is. I think I'm big and tough too, but I don't go out without my Blackhawk and UHF in the hills by myself. Might see a big pig.



SIXTH STORY-------- by the same bloke


On a place down Pike Creek from us, near where it feeds into a big local dam that is very popular with anglers and boaties, there was an incident that fits in with all the rest.

I was out at Tara helping some blokes up there. One of the young fellers, over a few rums at the shearing shed after a long day, told me a story. When he found out where I was from, he said, FORGET that area, I was down there with some mates to go goat hunting and fishing, and this happened to one of us.

His story went, he and two mates were camping along a long flat where this creek flowed into the dam. They were having a few drinks after a day fishing/hunting. This other bloke has a new Lightforce light bolted to his scope and a battery pack, and wants to go for a walk spotlighting along the green, lush flats looking for foxes or pigs. His mates say bugger off we're too tired. So he goes out by himself.

Half an hour later, he comes falling over his feet into camp, hysterical. He 's going off so much about something he's shot that was stalking HIM, that the other guys see how genuinely terrified he is, and throw him in the ute cab to have a look - he wouldn't get in the back. Actually he wanted to go home right then and there.

Apparently, he walked for a bit, switching his light on for a few seconds every 20m or so. There were roos around on the flats, but nothing else initially. Country boys don't shoot roos without tags, waste of money, so he moved on.

Then, at the edge of the light, there was something dark that looked at first like a black calf standing directly front on, but because it had red eyes, he thought it was worth a look. But each time he turned on the spotlight after a few steps, this thing was actually advancing on him too.

Eventually it got to within 100m or so, and he could clearly make out a head, no shoulders, but two long arms and two legs, and two by now quite red, largish eyes. It kept advancing on him, and he got so frightened that he debated whether or not to shoot - he thought it was someone trying to scare him, but the red eyes made his mind up and because he was by now so terrified, he fired at it with his .223, between it's eyes.

It dropped to the ground, thrashing and screaming. He said apparently that the screams it made he would never forget, it screamed like what he would imagine a woman to do if she was being raped. He looked at it through the scope, sh#t himself, what have I done, and ran back to the camp in a panic.

When they got there in the ute and found the place where he pointed out, there were smears of blood on the ground, rubbed into the grass where it was thick, smeared in a circle like where the animal kicked around on the ground. There were drag marks away from the spot, heading towards the pine regrowth that came down from the ridges.

This bloke said they packed up and left straight after that. When I mentioned a few other things that have been experienced in the area, he wasn't surprised, it just confirmed why they wouldn't be going back into that area again.

I wondered why they never followed the blood back into the hills, waited in to the morning and going back and tried to follow it up. But he said yes, you'd think that wouldn't you, but this bloke was so scared, and carried on so much that they never gave it a second thought and left.

This property by the way backs onto the place where the previously mentioned "lease" is. Big coincidence to meet up with this bloke I know, but it's a small world.

There’s more stuff but I'll let you sift through this. Apparently the aborigines around Coffs Harbour tell of little hairy men, who live in surrounding mountains.



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