Location: Victorian Billabong


Event: Claimed Yowie Footage


Source: Tony Healy interview with Andre' Clayden (Former owner of the Springbrook Homestead)








A young lady came forward after hearing about some of our publicity with details of a Victorian sighting.


She had some photos which she had only shown two other people.


She had just been taking some panoramic photos of a local billabong and didn't see the extra creatures in the photo until after they had been developed. There were two creatures on a rock to the right hand side of the photo, one was sitting cross-legged, the other standing behind it.


The only way I could describe them, is that they looked like the character Chewbacca from the star wars movie, but only about 3 feet tall.


They were coloured photos, and I used a magnifying glass to make sure they were genuine, and the depth of picture and everything stayed consistent under magnification, so she had unknowingly photographed these creatures. They came out very clearly when the photo was enlarged.


They had long brownish coloured hair all over their body, no hair on the face, and facial features were clearly visible, but it was hard to distinguish the facial colour.


The cross-legged one had its arms at its side, and was a side view, the one standing directly behind you could see the shoulders and arms by its side, and one knee.


Unfortunately, the young lady wanted to keep the area a secret, as she did not want its beauty to be destroyed. We also do not have copies of the photos.









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