Location: Blackwood, Victoria

Margaret’s Corner Camping Ground

Event: Possible Yowie Encounter

Date: 27-12-2019

Time: 10pm




My father and I decided to go camping on Boxing Day and come back on Sunday. We got everything ready and head out to Margarets corner. We had a little spot on the other side of the campground with the creek behind us and 2 places where you can camp on the other side of the creek.


It was roughly 10pm as the sun just went down and we had a look to the other side of the creek as we saw 2 lights, one where a campsite should be and one in the distance on the left. It looked like it was a reflection not really a light and we had no idea what it was.


We got the powerful torch out and shined it to the light on the right to let other campers know we were here and then shined it on the reflection to the left. As soon as the torch light hit the “light” it turned into 2 “eyes” we thought it looked like the reflection of eyes and then we heard this noise.


It was unlike anything we have ever heard. It was a really deep growl followed by like a deep throaty noise. As soon as it let this noise off the forest went dead. No cicadas humming. No bird calls. Hell, even the blow flies left our area.


We heard it in the distance and thought it could be roughly a kilometre away. Then we heard something else it seemed to like run? But there was this crashing sound like someone breaking trees or running in broken branches. It lasted a whole of 10seconds stopped and then growled again.


We had 2 dogs on this trip. I had a bull arab x staffy and my father had a pitty x and they were growling in the same direction as the noise was coming from. We armed ourselves with the hunting knife and a claw hammer and went to sleep in the swags roughly 30 minutes later.

At approximately 2am I awoke in the swag to my bull arab growling a real deep growl outside the swag and forgetting about what had happened earlier as I was still half asleep I started to unzip the swag. I unzipped it maybe 15cm to hear my dads dog growling from his swag and then that growl from before. The deep growl.


It sounded like it was right next to my awning wall. I was very frightening. As soon as it growled the dogs started whimpering and I got a whiff of this overpowering odour. It was like I was my swag was left next to a dump truck. I started to gag. Then the thing growled again a sound that even if I try there is no way I can mimic and the smell disappeared.

We stayed one more night to see if it would come back to no prevail. Just wanted to share my experience with you guys just to be careful when staying up in Lederberg.

Because there is DEFINITELY something there….







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