Location: Bendigo (North West - witness requests not to disclose)

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: January, 2011




Around a month ago, my girlfriends little sister claimed that she had seen a giant dog / ape like creature crossing a dirt road a few minutes from their house just outside of Bendigo Victoria.

Although she was certain that she had seen it, none of the other people travelling with her in their car had spotted it. As most would, I had a good laugh over the matter with extreme doubt.

Around 1 week ago I was travelling along the same stretch of road and caught a glimpse of it for myself. Standing around 2 metres tall with a rugged gray coat, it crossed the dirt road around 50 metres in front of the car and dissapeared into the bush.

After pulling over the car I briefly checked the edge of the road trying to catch another glance but all I could see was trees and a fence near the edge of the road (unscathed).

To me, it looked a bit like a dark gray ape, hunched over to some extent. It moved very fast considering that it did not appear to be running or rushing in any way. It did not look up at the car and I did not get a clear view of its face.

I can not believe what I saw and nobody else other that my girlfriends sister believes it either. I intend on going into the bush in that area very soon with a camera and
compound bow (for safety) within the next couple of weeks in hope of seeing it again.

I was wondering if you have any thoughts on this at all.

Also I noticed that on your website there was an interview with a Bendigo man claiming to have seen somthing as well. Whatever I saw was in **** near **** and ****.

Are you able to tell me where the other guy spotted his creature?







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