Location: South of Bendigo

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: August 24, 2010





Jim  has lived in the Bush his whole life.

Currently he and his partner live in ******** ( near Bendigo). His sighting was at his home residence

Jim was sitting in the house when he looked outside his 3 x 4 foot glass window because his pigs were squeeling.

Jim had a clear  profile view of the 6ft creature walking across his back yard roughly 20 meters  from where he sat.

Iy had the colours of an Alsation Dog. Mixed- tan and dark. Torso was darker. Hands were at the knees. Rib cage was pronounced. ‘”not very much in the way of a neck’  A longer jaw line – “boof head’ “cave man’ like head. “It looked like it was on a mission’ ‘It was moving “fairly quick’

It was leaning forward as it walked – ‘hunched over’ and had a ‘long stride’ Creature was ’thick set’ and at Jims guess would weigh over 100 kg. 

Action taken:

Jim got up and walked to an exit in the house to go out side to follow it/see more of it., he called for his kelpie dog who usually perfectly follows commands – previously Jim had set the dog on Kym’s ex while he was trespassing with no problem, but this time his Kelpie would not leave and just kept growling. “very unusual’ for this dog to behave like that. 

Jim told his partner Kym what he had seen and she encouraged him to go online and research such an animal. They found themselves on Dean Harrisons website reading testimonials. Kym comnvinced Jim he should submit a report on yowiehunters.com.au 

Other Notes
*Sheep have been found dead in a near by farm in Sedgwick – 5 mins from Bendigo- their intestines, heart and liver removed.  The sheep’s owner thought there might be some ‘cult like’ teenagers in the area doing it.


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