Location: Benambra, Victoria

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 1985

Time: 12pm






My Father in Law had a 365 acre property at Benambra, in the High Country. I used to go up there shooting and hunting a lot by myself, just myself and my dog. I was driving down the driveway on the bush block at about lunch time and I usually stop and have a bit of a shot of rabbits and whatever is running around on the way down.


I lined it up on what I thought were a couple of Kangaroos in the gully near a dam. I saw what I though was the biggest Kangaroo I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t black, but more of a dark chocolatey colour. All of a sudden this thing stood up and walked to the fence line. I put the fence up, so I know how high it was. It was probably about 4 to 5ft high, and this thing put one hand on it and jumped over it. I was pretty fit and played football back in them days, and I walked down to the fence and I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t jump over it. I reckon it was just over 7ft.


It was tall, very solid, and stocky and covered in hair. I had it in the scope of my gun. I was going to shoot but knew my gun was too small. Then I watched it disappear in the woods.


I didn’t tell anyone about this for year and years and years. Then anyone I told just laughed at me.


Some years later we were out there shooting again with my friends, this time at night. We heard some moving around and saw this eye shine. All over a sudden we were having rocks thrown at us and there was a dark shadow and eye shine moving up the hill and back again to throw more rocks. My mates asked me what I thought it was and I told them. Then they started giving me s**t over it. That was very strange.


The bush fires came through in 2003 and we sold the property in 2005.








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