Location: Briagolong, Victoria

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: May, 2010

Witness: Chris

(Link Road)


Paraphrased Transcript.




It was about 9 O’Clock’ish at night or later and we (myself and my partner), were making our way up the windy roads into the hills driving our Subaru Forester, and something crossed the road ahead. I said to my partner, ‘What the heck was that’. She seemed a little freaked out. She has a University degree in Science, with Honours, an educated type.


 I actually slowed down to look where it had gone, but she wanted to keep going.

The next morning after waking at the Wombat Country Cabins, I said do you want to talk about what we saw.

She said, It was massive, well above 7 feet tall, very wide broad shoulders, just like, covered in fur. It seemed very scared of the car lights.

The only logical, answer, was it was someone dressed up in a suit. But nobody ever goes there. There’s like, only 2 homes up there, so they would have been waiting a long time, if it was someone like that. But it didn’t look like that.


So I pretty much described the same thing and thought, well, it’s just one of those things that you just don’t have an explanation for.


Normally we’d be pretty cynical about things like that. I mean, if they did exist, where are the bodies or bones, surely some hard evidence must exist. All those things run through your head.


I told some of my friends and family, but they look at you like you’ve gone nuts. But I’ll leave that to them. We both saw it. We both described the same thing. It was no illusion, shadow or kangaroo.


If I was by myself I would have stopped the car and looked around because I wanted to see it again, but she was a bit freaked out, so she wouldn’t let me.


We first spotted it in the middle of the road. It seemed scared like it didn’t want to be seen. It was side on like someone crossing the road. It turned a little to the our side and picked up the pace. It was about 20-25m away.


We were lucky to be doing about 50km per hour with high beams on.


I said at the time, ‘Did you see that’ and she just said she didn’t want to talk about it, and let’s just get to the Cabins. We were going to go for a walk around the property that night, but that didn’t happen.


I asked again later that night if she wanted to talk about it and she said No. She was clearly freaked out a bit and I didn’t pressed it in case I ruined our time there.


But we spoke about it the next morning.


I’m 5’10”, this would have been over 7 foot to 7 foot 6”. I weigh 60 odd kilos, it would have been at least 100kg. It was broad. Big arms. It had like, shaggy long hair. When it was moving you could see it was a big bulky thing. Ape like?

Kind of like a big giant Ape, but not like any Apes I’ve seen. Big head, in proportion to everything else. It was like a dark ginger, reddy brown.


You see people interviewed about things like this and others say it was a something else or trick of the moonlight and all that, well this just wasn’t.

We both saw it at the same time.



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