Location: Bunyip, Victoria

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: September, 2018

Time: 11.30am




I was heading down the track to feed the horses. At the bottom of the track is a creek, a lot of bush and scrub, and a lot of Wallabies. The fence down by the creek is a ring-lock cyclone fence and two of the horses were right in the corner. I was directly facing the two horses as I was walking down the track.


As I was halfway down the track, I could see there was something on the other side of the two horses. I could see a head and shoulder above the horses. The horses are roughly about 15 hands, or 1.5m tall and this was a head and shoulder above both horses. It moved from left to right. It didn’t hope or bound. It was a dark brown, almost black colour. It was definitely hairy.


When I got down to where the horses were, you could see through the reeds where something had passed through the water. It waded through the water of the creek, so that would have made it another two feet taller of what I had seen, so that would have put it in the vicinity of about 8ft. It didn’t have any hair on its ear and the skin of the ear was black.



It had gone from left to right and out of my vision because of the tree line. It was a Human like figure, very tall. I wouldn’t say it was a heavy looking animal, it was quite slender and was definitely hairy. I went down to the creek, which had a lot of reeds in it and I could see where something has gone through from one side to the other.


I have never seen anything strange on the property before.







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