Location: Bemm River, Victoria

Event: Yowie Sighting

Date: 2013

Time: 3am

Witnesses: Two Males



Hi Dean, thanks for your email. Myself and fishing mate Luke saw something out of place in pretty well the exact same location discussed in your recent audio (Bemm River Witness, Audio #142). Unfortunately our experience wasn't quite as detailed or elaborate as the one discussed since our experience was very brief but I will give you the run down as follows.


Luke and I were heading into Sydenham Inlet for a fishing session at approximately 3am. I am unsure of the exact date but it was on a drizzly night in 2013. Driving past the first blue bridge on the left hand side towards the river we came around a bend where we had obviously startled a creature that appeared to be already making its way through the scrub to the left, on the river side of the rd. Unfortunately neither of us got to catch a glimpse of the creature's head but we clearly saw the side/rear end of the animal roughly 100m ahead of our vehicle.

The animal was striding in bipedal movement and similarly to the description in the audio, the animal was covered in red hair. During these conditions vision was somewhat obscured and at first I thought it may have been a deer but it seemed too tall and the movement pattern just didn't really match (though the animal was sort of slanted over as it was running, I am estimating 6-7ft in height).


Luke and I drove for another 100m or so before we processed what we saw and spoke about it. Nonetheless I didn't get any sleep that night and in the following weeks I had discussed it with several other mates who frequently visit this area. 


It was on the exact same road. Going by the circled area in the video, I'm tipping it was definitely within the radius of a few hundred meters of her sighting. The body and legs almost seemed disproportionate and rather lanky looking. It was running away from the road and it had most likely come from the right hand side which did in fact have several cut down trees. I don't remember seeing any other cut trees by the road at that time but not sure whether this has any significance. For a few seconds I was trying to rationalize what I saw, but it just seemed awkward and out of place. I gather it was definitely scared of us, as only it would have been at 3am with high beams coming around a corner. Luke and I almost had to laugh in disbelief before realizing it was just weird. The torso appeared humanoid but again the animal looked to be slanted over,


Interestingly, another angler told me that he and another friend were fishing the Cann River, little further east where they saw two red haired creatures resting before being scared off into the bush. He says both creatures were quite small and didn't fit the full sized description commonly reported. Additionally, I had discussed our report with a local from lakes entrance, and word must have gotten out pretty quickly because an anonymous person had contacted Luke seeking information from our sighting and promptly blocking him after receiving the details. I figure some locals must have a pretty good understanding of whatever may be out there and are maybe trying to keep it under wraps, almost trying to pull off some type of men in black duty!


Needless to say I was quite intrigued by the recent audio and hope to see something a little more clearly in the future. 










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